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her often-illogical master, Lanius.

Nearby, Master Lanius's actions confirmed E1-6RA's suspicions. His
lightsaber arced upward to clash with the sudden thrust from his sparring
partner. The two energy blades locked for a moment as their beams tried
violently to combine, sparked angrily, and blazed with light. Blue on purple,
the radiance silhouetted Lanius and Darrus in the heart of the darkened
fighting hall.

Normally, the hall was filled with students either practicing or seated
in its many carved chairs. Master Devan ran a tight ship where her lightsaber
combat classes were concerned. Under her steady care, students learned the
fine art of defending themselves and others. Anyone not observing or working
through techniques wasn't allowed in the hall at all.

Today, however, the hall had been reserved by Master Jeht. He had asked
Lanius and Devan to join him so he could evaluate their performance with a
blade. Though Devan assumed that Master Lanius would decline, she was
pleasantly surprised to see him in attendance as she arrived. She stood in the
arched doorway of the room for a moment, watching them fight.

It was a brilliant dance of light and shadow. Both Masters were experts
with a lightsaber; that much was evident almost before Devan began to study
their techniques. As they slashed and parried, she observed how they conserved
their energy - - nothing but clean lines of attack and defense. Lanius was as
impressive as always, his brown robes swirling as he wove a glowing web of
energy around himself to ward off the incoming blows of his opponent. None of
Master Jeht's attacks came close to connecting with him.

Just then, Lanius stepped back and turned
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