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the reason that I fear it and desire it and seek to destroy it.

The thing wants.

Ambition is dangerous enough in a living creature. In an object, a
creation with nothing to lose, it can be catastrophic.

Part of the darkness in this system is the afterimage of a scream. It's
comforting. Most places, you cannot feel death. Here, it is part of the very
fabric of existence. Something truly horrible, wretched beyond words,
happened. That is what keeps the fearful far from here, and what draws the
curious in.

That scream came from the last time the darkstaff surged. It was held and
given power, and then asked to provide something in return. It did. It
provided death.

I respect that. But I will not serve a tool that seeks my demise, that
wants my power. I will build defenses, and when I am ready, I will go to the
darkness and bring it to the wretched light.

I must. If I am to live forever, there is no other way.

Star Wars

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upload : 10.IV.2006

The Duel

By August and Cynthia Hahn

Students at the Almas academy confront personal challenges and discovery.
And while all Jedi receive some combat training, a few make it their central
focus. After all, personal struggles are not the only battles in the galaxy,
and sometimes, upholding peace requires refined skills in aggressive
negotiations. Learn more in our latest supplement to the Living Force

Once again, the wandering eye
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