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orange light stretch between the superstructures, grisly metal frames like
glowing droid skeletons among the clouds.

The commonly accepted wisdom about Nub Saar is that it was an unfortunate
learning experience for those who wanted to "settle" Genarius. That is, there
is a point in the atmosphere beneath which it is unsafe to build. While
gravity may allow for the existence of structures beneath that point, the
radiation storms are intense enough that anything not constructed to withstand
the forces of, say, hyperspace travel, will not be able to hold together.

I became convinced, after working on a research project for a class in
dark side phenomena at the academy, that this explanation was both technically
correct and overly simplistic. I will first present my reasoning why it is
overly simplistic - - that is, what it leaves out - - and then I'll present
simulations and the results of a number of interviews with individuals who
claim to have been to Nub Saar and explored some of its surface levels to
support my thesis.

You may notice that even though I'm no longer a Jedi, there is still a
strong emphasis on the Force as an explanation for Nub Saar. The fact that I
chose to turn in my lightsaber in no way implies that I would deny that the
Force does, in fact, permeate all things. It must be at the core of any
explanation we offer for something we don't understand, because it is
demonstrably at the core of any explanation for things we do understand. I
make no apologies for this perspective, as it is the only one I have, and I
believe it to be the only useful, healthy way to try to understand our galaxy.

The same image of the city, shrouded in a
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