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there is something nearby - - not on this planet, but in this system
- - that drew those creatures here, and that even now, continues to call out
to me.

I do not want it for myself. I want to destroy it. "Belted In" Trilogy
Summary Nirama, the enigmatic alien crime lord, has an agenda - - a very
public agenda. He's not happy about recent goings-on in Cularin, and he's less
happy with the strangeness in the asteroid belt that he calls "home." Is
Nirama helping the people of Cularin, are the people helping him, or is it
actually mutual?

I could not wield it. I would not. It would not make me more powerful; it
would destroy me. And so, I want it gone, erased from the galaxy. Nothing that
has the power to destroy me should be allowed to continue to exist, no matter
how sweet the promises it makes, no matter how dark the night would be if I
held it. It must be destroyed.

The dreams trouble me, if only somewhat. I see the thing (which I have
taken to calling the "darkstaff," though it scarcely qualifies as a staff,
since I imagine such things as being nearly as long as I am tall) not as an
object, but as an absence. It is an emptiness, a slice of the universe where
there is no light and no heat, but also no cold and no dark. Light moves
around it but does not come into its grasp. It doesn't want the light. It
wants the Force.

That is what makes this darkstaff so insidious. If it were a tool,
something I could use to harness the Force to my own ends, to demonstrate the
reality of pain and suffering to the remainder of the galaxy, I might want to
wield it. There are still times that I think, "Yes, I could take it and use it
against everyone else. I could use it to drain
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