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of the "Belted In" trilogy.
Warning: This article contains substantial spoilers for the Living Force
scenario "Philology."

For several years, Cularin was gone, leaving an emptiness where planets
and moons once orbited two suns that also disappeared. From outside the
system, nothing was known of what might have occurred. One moment, Cularin was
present. The next, it was not.

Some of the heroes of Cularin, though, saw what precipitated the
disappearance. They saw Len Markus remove something from the asteroid belt.
They saw the creatures that live in the shadows of the Belt. They saw glimpses
of what might have been, and central to it all was a black rod a meter long -
- something Len's datapad referred to as "the darkstaff."

Little was known about the darkstaff until recently, when a team of Jedi
researchers made their way once more into the bowels of the Sith fortress
beneath Almas and emerged with a pair of ancient books. These tomes, believed
to be remnants of Darth Rivan's personal journals, have been turned over to
the Jedi Council. What follows is an excerpt of one of the few sections that
has been made publicly accessible through the HoloNet.

One must wonder: If this is what the Jedi believe the galaxy is prepared
to know, what else might be hidden in the tomes?

The natives - - if one can call them that, since I've seen their kind
elsewhere in the galaxy, though they are one of the few species I've run
across who have managed to actually lose the capacity for hyperspace travel -
- are tolerable enough. They have their planet, and they don't leave it. They
can't, having eschewed even the technology that would allow them to move
beyond the peaks of
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