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work together, and, if the
Force is with us, we will prevail.

He says nothing for several seconds, and the screen flickers back to
Yara. Her hair has been pulled up in a tight, quick bun, and she looks
slightly more composed. She has no more make-up on than she did before, but
her face appears to be at least somewhat more relaxed.

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Friends, this is a trying time. Commander Dal'Nay is right. We can't
allow ourselves to panic. I encourage all of you to remain calm, in the face
of this cri - - this potential crisis. We - -

She looks to her left, nods, and then turns her attention to the camera
once more.


I've just received word that a statement has been received by CCB from
Colonel - I beg your pardon, he's apparently been promoted in the time since
we last heard from him - Admiral Jir Tramsig. He sent no video, only a
statement that he asked be read. She takes a deep breath and squints at the



"Citizens of Cularin, on behalf of the people of Thaere, I wish to assure
you that our military is not now, nor has it ever been, a threat to your well-
being. We exist for your
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