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No, that can't be right.

She releases her grip on the two half-sheets of paper, which are now
little more than crumpled messes, and picks up a small stack of papers. She
begins to straighten them mechanically as she looks back to the teleprompter.


They have also moved more ships into the system, including a pair of
capital ships that apparently are hidden deep within the clouds of Genarius.
This information is preliminary, and as yet unconfirmed, but reliable sources
indicate that the capital ships may be part of a larger force that is being
moved into the system. Given the recent - for us, at least - revelation of the
hidden base of operations established within the system by the Thaereian
Military establishment, local government and militia sources are moving to
alert status. No official word has been received, as yet, from the Thaereians.
It is expected that a denial will be forthcoming quickly, if at all. Commander
Osten Dal'Nay, of the Cularin Militia, has issued the following statement on
behalf of the militia. The screen flickers, then the youthful face of Osten
Dal'Nay appears. He looks as serious as a rancor about to feed.


People of Cularin, let me assure you that your militia stands ready in
case a crisis ensues. While we have not had as much time as the Thaereians to
prepare for conflict, we are confident that our officers and soldiers and all
those who have sought to serve the system will do so to the best of their
ability. Do not panic. It is possible that this is nothing, but we will treat
it as a threat until we have reason to do otherwise. Be ready - but do not be
angry. Do not give in to that darkness. We will
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