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the sound.


It appears that, in the time we were cut off from the remainder of the
galaxy, the Thaereian Military was putting into place a number of safeguards
on their own planets. Given their proximity...

She stops as someone hands her a glass of water from off camera. She
takes a sip and picks up a different piece of paper to straighten as she again
searches for her place on the teleprompter.


Given their proximity, it is conceivable that they have amassed
substantial power while we were - well, wherever we were. Under the rubric of
self-defense from whatever it was that seemed to so completely annihilate us,
they have more than quadrupled their military power, and over the past several
weeks, have slowly put into place a perimeter around Cularin. They have also
moved more ships into the system, including - that can't be right. The Air Up
Thaere Adventure Summary The nearby Thaereian system doesn't offer much more
than a stopover on most astrogation charts, but it's one of the primary
"gateways" to Cularin. Thus, a great deal of the trade moves through here,
both to and from Cularin. The heroes find themselves in an orbiting space
station above one of the desolate Thaereian worlds, stopping over on the way
home from a jaunt across the galaxy. Their ship has been sabotaged, and they
must discover who is responsible. An adventure for Living Force heroes of
levels 4 to 9. Part two in the "Looking In" trilogy. Play after "Looking In"
part one and before part three.

Yara's fingers close around the paper she has been holding for support,
her knuckles growing white. The paper rips in two and she looks down at it,
then reaches up to adjust her
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