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Director and Campaign Designer Morrie Mullins presents
the latest in our monthly series of supplements to the campaign's newest
scenarios. In "The Creaking Gate," a holo-feed serving Cularin is interrupted
unexpectedly for a special report from Yara Grugara concerning some very
disturbing developments with the Thaereian Military. This supplement ties into
the October Living Force scenario, The Air Up Thaere, the second part of the
"Looking In" trilogy.

... we interrupt your normally scheduled holo-feed for this special
announcement. Please stand by for a critical announcement regarding the safety
of Cularin and our many peoples. We appreciate your patience in understanding
the need to interrupt your normal activities for this special announcement.
Please stand by...

Fade in. The studios of Cularin Central Broadcasting are in an uproar.
Paper copy lies strewn across the desk usually occupied by Yara Grugara, and
the normally blue screen behind her chair is scrolling text at a remarkable
rate. A disheveled Yara is shoved quite forcibly into view, her hair a mess,
her make-up only half-applied, leaving her with black rings around her eyes,
but no bright colors whatsoever. She glares momentarily at the large, hairy
arm that shoved her into the camera's view, then takes a seat and picks up one
of several hundred sheets of paper, straightening it as she tries to find her
spot on the teleprompter. She forces a smile, but it looks as though she is in


Friends, this is Yara Grugara, reporting on matters most distressing.

She pauses, squinting at the teleprompter that must be right beneath the
camera, and gulps loudly enough that the microphone on her shirt captures and
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