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to allow someone to lead,
to be loyal to an individual - any individual - requires some level of
obedience. The amount required is inversely proportional to the amount of
trust that exists. The more trust, the less stringent the obedience
requirements. The less trust, the more obedience is necessary. When I provide
you with directives, I expect that they will be followed, but I trust you to
make decisions as to how they can best be accomplished. If my directives
contain fallacies, it is within your prerogative to point them out to me and
ask me to reconsider. I do not require, nor do I even want, blind obedience.

The problem - - for many would consider it a problem, though I do not,
particularly - is that by offering you the freedom that I have, I open the
door to plotting against my position. I make it easier for groups such as the
Cell to function.

So be it. If I were to rule with an iron fist, killing anyone who
questioned my judgment, I would be no less likely to have opposition emerge
within the ranks. I therefore challenge the Cell to make itself known.
Surrender, and there can be peace within our community. I hope that you will
not push me to fight, but if it comes to that, you have been warned.

- N

Star Wars

Wizard's RPG Stories

source : http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=starwars/newsarchive
upload : 10.IV.2006

The Creaking Gate

Scenario Supplement for The Air Up Thaere

By Morrie Mullins

Living Force Plot Director and Campaign Designer

Living Force Plot
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