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Camera crews are not allowed on the floating city of Nub Saar. "Safety"
is the only reason given when anyone questions why this is the case. As such,
a great deal of the footage utilized in the making of this documentary has
been reconstructed from still images taken from the archives of the Jedi
Academy on Almas and from other historical documents archived throughout the
system. The algorithms used to re-create critical events at Nub Saar are
accurate insofar as key variables (e.g., currents in the atmosphere of
Genarius) are understood and capable of being tracked through the historical
record. It is clearly impossible to include every possible variable in such
algorithms, and to the extent that we failed to consider all elements of the
environment, the accuracy of our depiction will suffer. We ask viewers to
retain an open mind in spite of this unavoidable shortcoming of this
documentary effort.

Hello. My name is Dazen Mok. A year ago, I left my studies at the Jedi
Academy on Almas to pursue a career researching the history of the Cularin
system. This research represented a passion I could not release. Not everyone
is cut out to be a Jedi, and while I salute my former companions in the Order,
I believe I have chosen correctly.

The research that demonstrated to me that my commitment lay to areas of
study outside the purview of the Jedi Order had to do with Nub Saar, and the
circumstances surrounding the disappearance and presumed death of the original
settlers of that floating city.

A still image appears of a floating city within the clouds of Genarius. A
radiation storm covers the upper portions of the city. Bolts of blue
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