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Respect is a trickier beast still. The most highly honored Riboga ran
things in a fashion in keeping with his home culture, inspiring fear in those
around him and leveraging that fear to obtain his desired ends. It was his
belief that such measures were the only means of ensuring that you would
follow his commands. I prefer to think of you as more highly evolved than
that. You are capable of thought and decision-making. I allow you the freedom
to choose your own paths, with the understanding that you will accept the
consequences of those choices. Use of force by my administration is limited
quite strictly to those instances in which individuals sought to directly
undermine and threaten either my own person or others within the Consortium. I
have never made force a threat. It is simply part of the bargain. You respect
me and the fellows of the Consortium, and I will respect you in return.

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It is on obedience, though, where most of us run into problems. Were we
good at obeying, we would not spend our lives running blockades, smuggling
forbidden wares, and walking in the shadows to keep ourselves from the eyes of
the remainder of the world. Yet to follow someone,
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