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correct principle -
engage in activities that cause us to call into doubt whether that Jedi is
worthy of our trust. Philology Adventure Summary Len Markus, aware of recent
activity in the Asteroid Belt beyond the "legitimate" explorations, is
interested in gaining information on behalf of Nirama. "Knowledge for the sake
of knowledge" is his excuse, but of course, there is no such thing. When the
heroes begin discovering even more strange creatures and a familiar, but
different, mysterious room deep within one of the asteroids, it becomes clear
that Markus, at least, is after a great deal more than just knowledge. An
adventure for Living Force heroes of levels 1 to 9. Part three in the "Below
the Belt" Trilogy. Play after "Below the Belt" parts one and two.

I have spoken to many of you. Childhood is something distant to us, even
those of us who are young, and it was filled with pain. We exist on what
society deems its "fringes" because someone, at some point, shunned us from
the polite society into which we were born. Or perhaps we have never had a
chance at polite society, where trust is the norm. For whatever reason, we are
not built to trust, and remaining loyal to anyone - myself included - requires
that trust be present. Recognizing this, and knowing that words are empty and
that only actions matter, I have made it my mission to not speak of trust but
to demonstrate it to you. If you take the time to reflect on the time since
the venerable Riboga left Cularin, you will see that our profits are up, our
prosecutorial rates are down, and the number of deaths on the job has been
reduced by over half. I will not ask you to trust me. I will only ask you to
look at the outcomes of my leadership.
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