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I ask loyalty of you, and I provide loyalty in return. It
is never a certain proposition. There are flaws in each one of us that make
loyalty more likely, or less likely, to manifest. But I have seen, first hand,
the pain that can arise when loyalty is called into doubt. In those cases
where loyalty is lost altogether, it is not uncommon for organizations such as
ours to splinter, perhaps disintegrate. It is also not uncommon for lives to
be lost.

The last Standard Year has brought the loyalty of some of our companions
into question. I have addressed issues surrounding the so-called "Cell" in the
past, but of late, I have received reports that they might not be quite so
extinct as I had been led to believe. It was my understanding that with the
help of the outsiders, Markus and I brought down the Cell and extracted its
core leadership from our ranks. That even rumors of its continued existence
can reach my ears disturbs me far more than I can express.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to discuss with you both
the positive and negative aspects of loyalty. Because disloyalty seems to be
at the core of what has occurred of late, let me begin with the drawbacks to
being loyal.

Being loyal means, at its core, accepting another individual as being
worthy of trust, respect, and some level of obedience. I fully recognize that
most of us would not be in the lines of work we have chosen if we were good at
any of these things. There are reasons to not trust any given individual we
might come across. Even the best of persons might be misled by a false sense
of righteousness. Even the kindest, most gentle Jedi might - through some
misguided application of a long-established and completely
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