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characteristic font of Holonet News. "It would seem our employer is a
Separatist sympathizer working for - - and, it would appear, against - - the
Republic Senate."

Zlash's wide eyes narrowed, and as they did, his grip tightened. As his
left hand was already around his victim's throat, this elicited an alarmingly
loud choking sound from the man. "A fact, my good Mister Haque, that bears no
relevance on why we have not been paid."

"Agreed, Mister Zlash, but it also seems he was executed this morning for
treason against the Republic." Mister Haque shook his head reproachfully.
"Tragically, it would seem his termination came before his payment to us
cleared. Even more unfortunately, our erstwhile employer's accounts have been
frozen, making extraction of said payment quite impossible."

The huge hand around the man's throat loosened just enough to stop
throttling him. "Most unfortunate. Am I to understand then that we have not
been paid for this service, which I was about to render in good faith?"


"Acting as I was under the assumption of a valid contract and terms of
compensation agreed upon by all parties involved?"

"Succinctly put."

"Not counting, of course, the party currently gasping for what
respiration he can obtain past the pressure of my palm against his larynx?"

"Presumably not, yes."

"And that, because of our would-be procurer's untimely demise, the
chances of us getting any form of tender in return for said efforts is

"At best."

The gargantuan killer shrugged, a gesture that lifted the man another
three inches off the ground. "Well..."

Standing with one hand on a bone-white
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