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Yara: Right. Like I said, you ever consider getting a new mechanic?

Kerd: Hey, the Kerd-man doesn't have to sit here and take this abuse - -
not when the Kerd-man's finally here in Kooooooo-larin! Everything's different
now, people. Welcome to Kooooooo-larin! Welcome to Kooooooo-larin! The Kerd-
man's here! Welcome to Koooooooooo - -

The screen goes blank. We hear "larin!" followed by a sharp smack and an
indignant "Ow!" Silence. Then Yara appears. She's on a different set, dressed
differently, and her smile is no longer quite so forced.

There you have it, race fans. Kerd K'Kerren has come to Cularin. Recent
reports indicate that he's looking to obtain the sponsorship of the Metatheran
Cartel. Until such time as a major Podrace occurs, though, when we can all see
the Kerd-man's mechanical skills in action, you can find him at this address.

An address for a hotel on Tolea Biqua scrolls across the bottom of the

And on behalf of everyone in the system, I suppose it's kind of my duty.
So, Kerd-man, welcome to Cularin. May your stay be as long as it has to be.

Star Wars

Wizard's RPG Stories

source : http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=starwars/newsarchive
upload : 10.IV.2006

Tales of Nub Saar

By Morrie Mullins

One of the greatest tragedies in the early efforts to colonize Cularin
was the floating city of Nub Saar. This documentary speculates on what forces
(other than the radiation storms for which Genarius is famous) might have
played a role in the destruction of the city. It's our latest supplement
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