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He smiles - - a plain, self-satisfied smirk - - and the scene fades.

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upload : 10.IV.2006

The Best Defense

By Osten Dal'Nay, as transcribed by Morrie Mullins

The following story appeared on one of Cularin's holonet nodes.
Originally uncredited, rumors quickly began to circulate that it was written
by a young Osten Dal'Nay, long before he left the Thaereian Navy to assist in
the construction of Cularin's Militia. Within hours, his name was affixed to
the story. The appropriateness of doing so remains a matter of some debate.

In the dark, there is no difference between an enemy and a friend. In the
midst of a firefight, a blaster bolt from your brother's carbine kills just as
surely as a bolt from the followers of a Hutt. Life and death know no
relations, never shake hands with you, never wait to see if their arrival is
welcome or their departure serene. And the only thing any being can do, when
the time comes, is his duty.

Duty, above all.

Nightwing sat on his bunk, disassembling and reassembling his blaster
rifle for the fourth time since dinner. He had his legs curled beneath him,
knees digging into the mattress, sending creases the length of his once-crisp
top sheet. The bunk didn't matter. If he didn't sleep tonight, or if he slept
on the floor, it wouldn't kill him. The bunk was a convenience. The blaster
rifle, standard Thaereian issue MX9, was the difference between life and
death. Only the rifle
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