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currently stand in Cularin, it's difficult to believe - - no pun
intended, of course - - that the Jedi are wholly responsible. If the Believers
were, in fact, Jedi castoffs, they've long since outgrown the capacity of the
Jedi to control.

"Who, then? And who could possibly be funding the Believers?

"Not the criminals. The Believers may have worked along similar lines as
some of our criminal organizations, but the TFC cannot believe that a criminal
group would fund a group composed of the mentally unstable castoffs from the
Jedi Academy. Where's the motivation? Answer: There is none. Which means the
funding comes from somewhere else - - from someone who stands to benefit from
the attention the Believers bring to Cularin.

"Enter Lavina Wren. Senator. Social climber. Politician.

"It's pretty clear that politicians aren't to be trusted. Politicians
from backwater worlds with no real power and minimal representation are to be
trusted least of all. Look at the trouble small systems have caused! And now
we have Senator Wren, whose system is besieged on all sides, looking for
support from the Senate.

"We've seen this ploy before, people! Look around! Read the holonets! The
fact of the matter is, when modern politicians want to rise in stature, to
gain power, they put innocent lives at risk. That's nothing new; it's been
done for generations!

"What we have, then, is a massive conspiracy. The Believers are a
creation of the Jedi and Senator Wren, brought about to sow havoc in Cularin.
That creation, we suggest, has gotten out of control. We must hold those
responsible accountable for what they have done.

"And that, friends, is the truth for Cularin."

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