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power here
in Cularin, first in the deserts of Almas and later throughout the system. We
must ask ourselves to what end they have made these efforts. What is it that
they are trying to accomplish? Why would they bother tormenting all of
Cularin, if their enemy is only the Jedi?"

Again, he pivots. The window is behind him once more, but is curiously
blank for a full two seconds before the image of Cularin's jungle appears. He
steeples his fingers in front of his chin.

"The fundamental assumption, we believe, is wrong. What if, instead of
being the enemy of the Jedi, the Believers are actually an arm of the Jedi?
What if this is how those 'noble warriors,' those 'guardians of peace and
justice' - - "

He emphasizes these words with gestures indicating quotation marks.

"? rid themselves of those who are simply not cut out for the life of a
Jedi? What if this is the final evidence of the lack of ability of the Almas
faculty to train Jedi in the ways of the Force? There has been no activity on
this scale anywhere else. Only here, in Cularin. We think it's time for the
truth. We think it's time for the Jedi to own up to what they've done.

"Think about it, Cularin. The truth of the Jedi's involvement explains a
great deal. How the Believers came to be, why they were able to infiltrate
Almas, why they were able to do so very many things. If you had the
'protectors of the galaxy' on your side, you could do all those things, and

"Or maybe the problem goes even higher. Who stands to benefit from
Believer activity? Whose career path may be enhanced by recent Believer
uprisings? This is where the Jedi theory starts to fall apart. With things as
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