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too well-funded, to have been the loose collection of misfits and
malcontents many seem content to dismiss them as being. How does one move a
small army onto a planet occupied by a Jedi Academy, without the Jedi
noticing? Into a Sith fortress that was, we are supposed to believe, guarded
by Jedi at the time? How does a group of 'insane cultists' - - to borrow a
phrase from a recent holonet report on Believer activity - - manage to gain
access to some of the most secure platform cities of Genarius? There are too
many questions that cannot be answered if we dismiss the Believers as
lunatics, so we must consider them a real threat. We must further consider
where, precisely, they may have gotten their funding.

"They are, as near as the TFC can tell, very intent in a narrow set of
beliefs. They have long believed in the inevitable victory of the Sith over
the Jedi, in the domination of the so-called 'light side' of the Force by the
'dark side.' Those of us who are part of the TFC certainly respect those who
believe in the Force, but we recognize that the theological implications of
this energy field are less important than the political ramifications of power
shifts in the governance structure on Coruscant.

"What role might the Believers be playing in these power shifts? We've
seen minimal evidence of interest in Cularin on the part of the Galactic
Senate; could the Believers be part of the reason? We don't know. Nobody
outside Coruscant does, we suspect.

"Let us assume, though, that the Believers actually do believe in - -
worship, revere, whatever word you'd like to use - - the power of the Sith.
Let us further assume that they are trying to access some of that
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