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present in and around its home system. With that in mind, we must turn
our watchful eye to the group calling itself?The Believers? and ask two
questions. Who are they, and what do they want?"

He pivots in his chair, turning to face another recording device. A
window behind him shows the sprawling jungles of Cularin. For a moment, the
window flickers, the jungle disappearing and then reappearing in the blink of
an eye.

"The story we've been told about these Believers is that they are Sith
worshippers. There is not a time since the ancient battles between the Jedi
and the Sith that such individuals were as active as we've seen in Cularin in
recent years. Are they Sith cultists, or are they something else?

"If reports are to be believed, the Believers attempted to set up a base
of operations in the Sith fortress on Almas, have made numerous attempts on
the lives of citizens and dignitaries throughout Cularin, and have variously
attempted to undermine major portions of Cularin's industrial centers. But to
what end? What have the Believers been, other than a nuisance, beside the
threat posed by Thaere? Do they even rate as a threat on the same scale as the
Metatheran Cartel? At first blush, the answer seems to be no. For all their
attempts at bringing people to their cause, they seem to have been thwarted at
every turn, and of late, have been hunted down like the vermin they are.

"But things are rarely as simple as they seem."

He rotates in his chair again, resting his elbows on his desk. He looks
very intense - - in an "I want to look very intense so I shall furrow my
brows" kind of way.

"The fact of the matter is, the Believers are too numerous, and
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