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but has
been largely ignored throughout the remainder of the galaxy because of the
ongoing war. While Believer activity has varied in intensity over recent years
(with their training facility in the Sith fortress beneath Almas exposed, many
Believers went into hiding), their continued presence in Cularin disturbs many

Other citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about TFC. Both their
motives and their methods have been called into question on more than one

The man sits behind a plain-looking desk, its sides and face durasteel,
its surface apparently clear, but so stacked with documents and datachips as
to be nearly invisible. To call the man "ordinary" would be to overstate
things, if only just. He has a weak chin, thinning black hair, and eyes that
seem ready to disappear into their sockets at any moment. It's not that he
looks ordinary, but that he's very much the kind of individual no one would
look at twice on the street. This makes it all the more remarkable that he's
on a prime-hour holonet broadcast looking as smug as a panthac in a nerf-pen.

"People of Cularin, my name is Jarik Vuintor. I represent a citizens'
rights group known as Truth for Cularin. We in the TFC believe that it's long
past time for someone to be telling the truth about what's gone on in recent
years - - a truth, we suggest, that has been purposefully and maliciously
hidden from the people of Cularin by our so-called government. They would have
us believe that if such occurred, it would be in our best interests. The TFC
would suggest otherwise. We would suggest that it is in everyone's best
interests to have an informed constituency that understands the nature of the
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