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this system. How you
managed to suppress the public outrage over your hidden base on Tilnes, I
cannot guess. I suppose enough guns that are large enough will suppress just
about anything. If you do not stop acting against the people of Cularin, you
will suffer. That is Nirama's word.

To the Metatheran Cartel: I am uncertain of your loyalties. Loogg, I have
never trusted your smile. When you smile and proclaim your loyalty to the
Republic, I hear lies in your voice. But then, Loogg, I have yet to hear truth
in your voice. You have walked the edge of a lightsaber blade for some time. I
would be less concerned if I did not believe that a misstep would not kill
you, but rather, would make two of you where before there was only one. Do not
think you can fool all of the people of Cularin with your promises and your
free beverages. You cannot. If you harm Cularin, you will know pain the likes
of which you have never experienced. That is Nirama's word.

To my former employees: You know who you are, and if you remain in this
system, having betrayed me, you are only exacerbating your initial
foolishness. I do not care what you think you are or what kind of power you
believe you have. You have betrayed me. You have killed innocents. If I find
you, I will kill you myself. That is Nirama's word.

To Alina Impeveri: Born of politics, you simply cannot get enough of the
lies and deceit, can you? I cannot blame your father - - the parent often
sacrifices control of the child, in the interest of allowing them to grow. I
have heard much of you, but you, at least, have been wise enough to steer
clear of me. I encourage you to continue to do so. If you act against Cularin,
you will bring my wrath
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