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will not be sufficient to stop
the dark tide that has begun to rise throughout Cularin and threatens to wash
away all that we love.

I am loathe to wax poetic about Cularin. It is not in my nature. I am not
a creature of poetry; I am a creature of fact. I want nothing so much as to be
completely honest with you about the situation, and where my people and I

It has always been my intention to make Cularin a vital part of the
Republic. To that end, I assisted in expediting Riboga's departure from the
system. I have provided order where the Hutt sowed chaos. I have worked to
keep the pirate factions fighting amongst themselves, rather than attacking
you. I have increased trade - both legitimate and otherwise - in the system. I
have helped the galaxy to recognize that Cularin is a place of great value.
All of these are good things.

There will always be those, however, who seek to exploit a system like
Cularin. To those, I issue the following warning: If you wish to do harm to
Cularin, you must first go through me.

To the Thaereian Navy: Admiral Tramsig, you and your bantha-fondling
pseudo-soldiers should stop toying with the people of Cularin. You claim to be
a "peace-keeping" force. Why, then, are you here? The people of Cularin have
thus far been spared the horror of the Clone Wars. Is there a threat that you
have elected not to share with us? If so, I urge you to reconsider. If not,
then perhaps you should withdraw your troops. Immediately. Go and fight real
battles, and leave our borders alone. All that you and your troops have done
so far is interfere with trade - - although not with the Metatheran Cartel's
trade; isn't that odd? - - and harass the good people of
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