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The broadcast consisted of Nirama, seated in a chair in front of a blue
screen. He spoke, said what he wanted to say, and then all channels resumed
their standard programming. A large number of individuals and groups in the
system recorded the message, and it is reproduced here in its entirety.

Citizens, I am Nirama. Many of you know me by reputation alone. I am what
you might call a lord of crime. I have command of the largest smuggling guild
in Cularin, and am at the center of the black markets for several systems.
There are many of you who find my work distasteful, who believe that I am an
individual who wallows in darkness and has anger and hatred in his heart.
These things are not true. I certainly understand where the ideas came from,
but they are inaccurate.

I come to you today - and I must apologize for the manner in which I come
to you, since I am loathe to interrupt the workings of daily life in Cularin,
but without some interruption, I fear that my message would go unheard - to
speak to you about this system that we call "home." I have spent several
decades in Cularin, first as an underling of Riboga the Hutt, and later as the
individual I have become. I have a great fondness for Cularin. It is my home,
in every sense of the word. That I live in the asteroid belt and make my
living through the transport and sale of oft-illegal goods does not make me
any less concerned about what is happening around me.

Many of you recognize that Cularin is in trouble. My people and I have
watched the degradation of the situation in the system with no small amount of
interest, and have engaged in small activities of our own to alleviate
potential problems. However, our efforts alone
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