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of Ryk, seated beside Yara Grugara at the "Eye on Cularin" news desk.

Ryk (having difficulty speaking): It hardly feels like that was only
yesterday, Yara.

She pats his arm. He nods in appreciation and takes a deep breath.

Ryk: This morning, the Thaereian ship transporting Gerta Haman to
Coruscant, where she was scheduled to meet with Senator Wren to discuss the
allegations made on this program at the request of the Senator, was attacked.
Haman and fourteen members of the Thaereian Navy were on board. Jedi Knight
Ish-Bel Tur served as guardian of the mission and liaison from the Almas
Academy. Three minutes after the initial distress call, the ship exploded at
the edge of Thaereian space. There were no survivors. The Thaereian government
has offered a sizable reward...

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upload : 10.IV.2006

That Is Nirama's Word

By Morrie Mullins

Former Living Force Plot Director and Campaign Designer

How he managed to get access to an all-channels broadcast is unclear, but
shortly before lunchtime today, the crime lord Nirama broadcast an angry
warning to a number of groups he feels are endangering Cularin. Given the
upheaval in his organization, many individuals in the system have been left
wondering how much of his statement is truth, and how much of it is posturing
for public approval. The question we must ask about this rather unique four-
eyed individual is what this kind of posturing would actually gain him.

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