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the IBC. Not enough to make them call in the hounds.
Ryk: Why? Why is Thaere getting so many credits from the IBC?

Guest 2: I'm smarter than you, Ryk, but you aren't that dumb. Thaere
isn't loyal to the Republic. They're working with the Separatists. For all we
know, they have been all along.

Ryk: "We"?

Guest 2: They practically have control of Cularin, and we have one of the
biggest Jedi training facilities in the galaxy outside of Coruscant. If the
Separatists can take control of Cularin, it may shift the balance of power. So
far, Cularin hasn't been called on to assist in the Clone Wars. That doesn't
mean we won't.

Ryk: Does this mean Senator Wren is a traitor?

Guest 2: We don't think so. She's being manipulated, like everyone else.

Ryk: Who is the "we" you keep mentioning?

Before the guest can answer, the lights in the room come on. Every shadow
disappears, and the masking of the guest's face and voice shut down. The guest
is none other than Gerta Haman, the Human woman who led Cularin's resistance
against the Metatheran Cartel and was feared by some to be dead. [The heroes
would have encountered Gerta in the original "Eye of the Sun" trilogy, the
first three Living Force events.]

Armed guards wearing Thaereian uniforms rush into the room and slam Gerta
to the table. Her eyes are wide and fearful as her hands are bound behind her
back. The guards jerk her to her feet.

Gerta: Thaere is not your friend, Cularin! Not your - -

Four guards reach in at once and bash Gerta's face with stun batons, much
more forcefully than stun batons need to be used. She slumps forward,
unconscious, and is dragged out of the room. The scene fades. The next image
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