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from IBC accounts to the Thaereian Navy over the last six months.

Ryk consults a datapad.

Ryk: 200 million? I wasn't told that.

Guest 2: No, you weren't. If I'd given your producer the real figure, I'd
be in Thaereian hands by now. Two hundred million fills a lot more pockets
than just those of the fighter jockeys, let me tell you.

Ryk: You're saying our producer has been paid off by Thaere?

Guest 2: Maybe. I'm saying there aren't many people who couldn't be
reached for that price. A little here, a little there... idiots in this system
will take money from anyone. You know what's funny? You transfer credits from
the right kind of account to another account, and that opens up the receiving
account forever. Take money from the wrong people at the wrong time, and those
people can get at your goods for as long as you've got 'em. It's not every
account, but one of the big corporate accounts? They do enough transfers and
the system set up by the IBC is configurable enough that if they use the right
code, they have permanent access to everything a receiver ever does with their
money. So getting paid a little by the wrong people can make you vulnerable as
long as you're using the same account structure.

Ryk: That sounds ominous. Are you saying Thaere has done that?

Guest 2: No...

Ryk: Let's go back to our producers having been paid off, shall we?

Guest 2: If we're still broadcasting, then either they haven't been paid
off, or they think the best way to hide the fact that they have is to do
nothing. I don't care about your producers. I'm already talking, so they can't
do anything to stop me right now. I gave them lower figures and only hinted at
how much Thaere got from
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