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to attack me. Welcome, guest. Summary of the
"Night Eyes" Trilogy The "protection" offered by the Thaereians often includes
harsh justice - - harsh enough that many citizens of Cularin have become
increasingly resentful of the Thaereian presence. Senator Wren, however,
maintains that Thaere has her support. Could she possibly know their cruelty?

The dark form across from him nods. This individual looks to be smaller
than the last, but the shadows seem to layer over his - - or her - - face and
shoulders. Nothing at all is clear.

Ryk: I understand that you work in electronic surveillance. Is that the

Guest 2 (voice masked to sound exactly like Ryk's): It is.

Ryk: You have some small amount of talent, then? But more importantly, I
think our viewers will want to hear about your connections. I've been told
that you have information from someone deep within the slicer underworld about
certain fund transfers. Can you tell us how you came by this information?

Guest 2: By being smarter than you.

Ryk: Of course. More specifically?

Guest 2: Largely genetic, I assure you.

Ryk: This is going nowhere. Let's bring on the next - -

Guest 2: You want to know about the InterGalactic Banking Clan's ties to
Thaere, don't you? No one else is going to give you the information I have.

Ryk leans forward, elbows on the table that separates him from the guest.

Ryk: That's very much what we want to know about. Given that the
InterGalactic Banking Clan is a known financial supporter of the Separatist
movement, what can you tell me about them and their link to Thaere?

Guest 2: Oh, not much. Just a little matter of a transfer of 200 million
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