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fallen to Cularin's newsnets to begin probing the issue in
more depth.

Hello. This is Ryk Osentay, reporting for "Eye on Cularin." It's
impossible to live in Cularin this week and not have seen the tiny-F, as it's
come to be called - - the five letters T-I-N-Y-F that have shown up almost
everywhere. Their ubiquity is disturbing many, since it is unclear where the
various stickers, buttons, shirts, holograms, cookies, bootlaces, and
monogrammed holsters have come from. Such items do not appear out of thin air,
after all; they must be manufactured. But where? And by whom? These are
questions that many citizens of Cularin are asking themselves.

If I had to guess, though, I'd say that the citizens are much less
concerned about where the letters come from than about our protectors from
Thaere. The letters, after all, are shorthand for a message that came through
very clearly to Cularin last week: "Thaere is not your friend." But why? What
does the message mean? Is there something that we ought to be doing
differently? Could something allow us to see the truth behind Thaere's actions
- - if there is some truth other than what they claim, of course, which this
reporter would never, ever suggest? What is it that we're supposed to be
gleaning from the message?

To answer this question, "Eye on Cularin" conducted a series of
interviews with citizens of our system. While our survey may not be quite so
broad as that conducted by our missing colleague, Melanda Forswoth, we hope to
sample a meaningful cross-section of Cularin's citizenry.

A picture of missing "Eye on Cularin" reporter Melanda Forswoth appears
on the screen, with information regarding her disappearance
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