Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

By Morrie Mullins

Former Living Force Plot Director and Campaign Designer

Tensions have risen regarding Thaere's military presence in Cularin. One
night last week, a message appeared everywhere: "Thaere Is Not Your Friend."
Since then, the letters TINYF have popped up on buttons, shirts, and stickers.
Now, "Eye on Cularin" investigates the growing accusations. This supplement to
the Living Force campaign ties into the November scenario, Night's Homecoming,
the conclusion of the "Night Eyes" trilogy.

Tensions have risen in recent months regarding the continued presence of
Thaere's military in Cularin. One night last week, a message appeared - -
painted on walls, scrawled on tables, chiseled into sidewalks - - in several
hundred places throughout the Cularin system. From restaurants in Gadrin and
Hedrett to bars on Tolea Biqua to shelters on Almas, the same five words
appeared: "Thaere Is Not Your Friend." No single group has claimed
responsibility, and while Thaereian forces supervised the removal of all the
offending graffiti within a matter of hours, the message was clear. Someone -
- a large number of someones - - views Thaere as an increasing problem.

While the full-fledged graffiti has not reappeared, the letters TINYF
have popped up with surprising (or, for Thaereians, alarming) frequency. A few
brave individuals have even ventured out into public wearing TINYF buttons and
shirts, and TINYF stickers have found their way onto numerous doors, windows,
and other places such a message might be noticed.

The displeasure of the Thaereian forces is plain to see, but they do not
seem, at this point, to have done much about it. People are interested,
though, and it has
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