Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

flew for the Hutts.
What was that like?

Kerd: Oh, sweet little baby, let me tell you! You've never flown until
you've flown Hutt Air! It's like, they bring you in and say, "Oota goota boota
froota," and you're like, "Huh?" and they're like, "Oota goota boota froota."
And you're like, "Um, okay." And then there's all these hot femmes around, and
most of them even have all their pieces still, and you got the hottest ship in
the galaxy, and the guys that are working on it used to work at places like
Sluis Van until they got picked up in the wrong place at the wrong time and
started working for the Hutts to pay off some debts. So everything you want's
right there.

Yara: Was there a particular Hutt you flew for?

Kerd: Nah. It's not like that. Jabba and me talked a few times, but can I
tell you something?

Yara (deadpan): I'm breathless with anticipation.

Kerd: That guy's gross! I'm standing there talking to him and he picks up
this slimy critter with long, floppy legs out of a vat by his little podium or
whatever it is he sits on. Then he pops it in his mouth, but he's so fat, he
can't even close his mouth fast, so the thing about crawls out before Jabba's
mouth pops down and splat! I got reptile guts all down my shirt, and one of
the thing's legs is stuck to the ceiling.

Yara: Fascinating. So I understand that you've never come in lower than
second in any race where you haven't experienced technical malfunctions. True?

Kerd: You best believe. I fly like nobody's business. Nobody outflies
Kerd K'Kerren. Nobody! This one time, on Tatooine, there was this little kid
who took out Sebulba in a race. Just a runty guy, and Sebulba - - well, he
used to be pretty cool. And everybody

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