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image of the planet growing larger on the viewscreen, as if, even from the very edge of the solar system, he could almost pick out a particular street, a certain residence, one lit window where another pair of eyes looked up into the stars, waiting for him.

"I'm so glad to be home," he said.

At the far end of the ship, Scout and Whie were looking at the same viewscreen image. Scout shook her head.

"Funny to think we'll be back in the Temple tomorrow. I wonder if it will all seem like a dream." The instant she said it, she regretted the word dream.

"No, we're awake now," Whie said quietly. "The Temple was the dream."

"Maybe... maybe it won't come true, your last vision," Scout said. "Or maybe you misunderstood."


She could tell he didn't believe it.

"But it's all right. I'm afraid of dying," Whie said. "But I was even more scared that I was going to..." He trailed off. "Still, that didn't happen, thanks to you. What you said-it was like you gave me myself back. You gave me permission to be good."

Scout shook her head.

"No mind tricks here, Whie. I didn't do anything. I just knew which way you were going to choose."

Whie smiled.

"Have it your way. Actually, it's kind of interesting seeing you be humble. I think it's... cute."

Scout Force-slapped him upside the head, but only a little. Not nearly enough to stop him laughing.

"Vermin," she said with dignity.

Yoda bustled in from the galley carrying a tray with a bottle of something amber-colored and three glasses.

"Worry not," he said. "Chances to be bad will you have again." He cackled, pouring out a glass for each of them. "And good. Every instant, the universe starts over. Choose: and start again."

Scout lifted her glass and peered dubiously at the contents. Yoda
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