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"I'm so glad you're not coming to kill me!"

Anakin clapped him on the back, bemused.

"Me, too."

Looking back over his shoulder, he said, "You might want to check this one for a head injury, Master."

"Anakin?" Obi-Wan said.


"You remember that the first time I met Asajj Ventress, I stole her spaceship?"

"On Queyta, right?"

"And then we met again, and we took her ship again?"

"Right. Why do you mention it?" Anakin said, coming to stand in the doorway beside Obi-Wan.

Together the two of them watched their lovely Chryya rise slowly into the weeping Vjun sky and head for space, accelerating hard.

"Oh, no reason," Obi-Wan said.


Obi-Wan's hands played over the controls of the secondhand Seltaya Yoda had purchased in the Hydian Way. After hours of haggling, the Master had gotten an excellent price, once they included the trade-in value of the two Trade Federation gunships they had hijacked to get off Vjun.

"Ready to drop out of hyperspace?"

"More than ready," Anakin said.

The older Jedi glanced over at the young man, who was grinning with anticipation. I envy him, he thought, surprised.

"What are you thinking, Obi-Wan? I saw you smile."

"Do you remember Yoda's little maxim about humility?"

"Humility endless is," Anakin quoted.

"That's the one. Did you ever hear Mace Windu's translation?"

Anakin shook his head.

"You're never too old to make another big mistake." Obi-Wan set the controls for the drop into subspace. "Coming out of hyperspace into Coruscant space on three: two: one."

The starship lurched as if taking a wave, the smeared stars collected back into twinkling points, and Coruscant hung burning in the blackness before them as if lit by the souls of her billions. Anakin looked hungrily at the
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