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expression of complete embarrassment.

"Well, it's certainly the truth," Em Teedee said defensively. "I'm certain I didn't get the intonation wrong."

Jaina, who had at first looked disappointed at Lowbacca's reluctance, now seemed amused at his chagrin. "I understand, Lowie," she said. "I'd want to take her out on my own the first time, too. How about giving us a ride tomorrow?"

Relieved that the twins were not upset, Lowbacca loudly agreed, jumped into the cockpit, and strapped himself in. The whine of the engines drowned out Em Teedee's attempt at translating. Lowie raised a hand in salute, waited until Jacen and Jaina were clear, brought the engines to full power, and took off, heading out toward the vast jungle.

The T-23 maneuvered well, and Lowbacca reveled in the feeling of height and freedom as he streaked away. But still he found him self yearning for one more thing, something that he had been thinking of all day.

The trees. Tall, towering, safe trees.

Scarcely half an hour later, far away from the Jedi academy and the Great Temple, he landed the T-23 on the sturdy treetops, set tling the craft in the uppermost branches of the Massassi trees. The tree canopy was not as high as he was used to. The air was thinner, and the jungle smells, though not unpleasant, were different from those of Kashyyyk. Even so, Lowbacca felt more at peace now than he had at any other moment since landing on Yavin 4.

Jacen had said that the huge orange gas giant overhead was best viewed from a Mas-sassi tree-and the human boy was definitely right. Lowie looked around in all directions-at the sky and the trees, at the crumbling ruins of smaller temples visible through breaks in the canopy. He stared at the languid rivers, at the strange vegetation and animals around him.
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