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the Jedi academy for the first time when we were only two years old." He smiled a cocky, lopsided grin-the one their mother always said made him look just like his father.

Lowbacca gave an interrogative growl. "He asked how many times you've given this tour," Han translated.

"Well," Jacen sputtered, his face reddening slightly, "if you mean in an official capacity, as opposed to, er, um..." His voice trailed off.

"What he means is," Jaina put in firmly, "this is our first time."

Lowbacca exchanged a glance with his uncle. Chewbacca raised a furred brown arm, indicated the long corridor with a flourish of his hand, and gave a short bark.

"Right," Han said. "Let's go."

The twins led the group down a set of mossy, cracked stairs to the main level and out onto the grassy clearing in front of the Great Temple. Jacen was eager to prove himself a good tour guide and pointed to each squarish level of the gigantic pyramid as he spoke.

"At the very top is an observation deck that gives one of the best views of the big planet Yavin overhead-unless of course you climb one of those huge old Massassi trees in the jungle," he said with a laugh. "The top level of the pyramid has only one enormous room-the grand audience chamber-that can hold thousands of people."

"That's where the Jedi trainees gather when Uncle Luke-I mean Master Sky-walker-gives his lessons," Jaina said.

Jacen went on to explain that the lower levels had been remodeled in recent years. The larger level directly below the grand audience chamber housed those who lived at the academy-trainees, academy staff, and Master Skywalker himself-and also contained rooms for storage or meditation, as well as chambers for guests and visiting dignitaries.

The pyramid's huge ground level held the Communications
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