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our friend Mr. Peckhum is having a rough day," Luke said. "He's got a lot more to unload, and he's probably eager to get back up into orbit, where it's safe." He flashed a smile at the old supply runner, who nodded vigorously.

"Why don't you three consider it a Jedi training exercise to help him. Besides, we need to get ready because tomorrow-" He looked at Jacen and Jaina, eyes sparkling. "Your father and Chewbacca are bringing us another Jedi trainee."

"Dads coming here?" Jaina said with a yelp.

"Hey, why didn't you tell us before?" Jacen added. His heart leaped at the thought of seeing his father again after a full month.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. He's flying in on the Millennium Falcon, but he had to stop at Chewbacca's planet first. They've already left Kashyyyk, and they're on their way here."

Filled with excitement, the young Jedi Knights eagerly helped unload Peckhum's supply ship. It was hard work, demanding more concentration and control of their Jedi lifting abilities than they were used to, but they finished in less than an hour. Jaina and Jacen chattered to Tenel Ka about all the adventures Han Solo had experienced. Jaina groaned about how much work it would be to clean up their quarters in time, so they could impress their father.

Finally, the battered old freighter flew off into the misty skies toward the orangish gas-giant planet of Yavin.

Jacen smiled and looked wistfully at the trampled clearing. The next ship to arrive on the landing pad would be the Millennium Falcon!


"There," said Jaina, mentally relaxing her hold on a large mass of tangled wires and cables. It came "to rest in a more or less contained jumble atop one of the newly tidied stacks of electronic components in her room. "That should do it," she added with
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