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after them, growling deep in her throat. She darted down the same passageway, following the sound of blasterfire, and leapt through the doorway into the great entry hall of Chateau Malreaux.

"Now I've got you!" she snarled...

... And found herself face to face with Obi-Wan and Anakin.

"True as you tell it," Obi-Wan said, ever urbane. "But what are you going to do with us?"

Behind him, Anakin's lightsaber hissed into sizzling life. Ventress turned and ran.

"Blowing up, your house is," Yoda remarked, peering at the various holomonitor displays with interest.

A light blinked on the comm console. A special, red light. Dooku stared at it, then tore his eyes away.

"Message," Yoda said helpfully. "Answer it, should you?"

Sweat was running freely down the Count's face.

"Or maybe someone it is you do not want me to see. Your new Master calls. Dooku, ask yourself: which of us loves you better?"

"I serve only Darth Sidious," Dooku said.

"Not my question, apprentice."

The red light blinked. There was another explosion from downstairs. A siren went off, and several of the holomonitors began to flash.

"Come," Yoda said urgently. He put his hand once more on Dooku's arm. "Catch you, I said I would. Believe you must: more forgiveness will you find from your old Master than from the new one."

A rush of panicked footsteps, and the housekeeper burst into the room.

"Master, which there are Jedi in the ballroom. They're coming to take my Baby!" she shrieked.

Dooku flicked through the security monitors until he found the ballroom.

"Ah," he said. Something in his face seemed to freeze, and die. "I see you brought your protege."

"Understand you, I do not," Yoda said.

"You didn't mention bringing young Skywalker," Dooku said, pointing to the
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