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like that when everyone went to Geonosis," Scout said unexpectedly. "The Temple was just deserted. We tried to do our lessons and be good, but really we were just marking time, waiting for them to come back. Only they never did." She sipped the juice. "I don't just mean the ones who died. Even the ones who survived came back different people. Grimmer."

Whie swirled his juice around in his glass.

"Do you think we'll... fit, when we get back? I just can't imagine doing the same classes, talking to the same people as if nothing had happened. Everything feels different to me," he said, and his voice was troubled.

He has changed, Scout thought. He used to be the boy who knew everything. Now he sounded much less certain, but it made him seem older. He wasn't a boy pretending to be a Jedi anymore; he was a young man beginning to grapple with the shifting, uncertain, grownup world in which a real Jedi Knight had to live.

Whie glanced over at her.

"So-are you still worried about being sent to the Agricultural Corps?"

And to Scout's surprise, she found she wasn't.

"Nah," she said comfortably. "I think the Jedi are stuck with me now."

"I guess we can learn to live with that." Whie smiled, but his eyes were haunted.

"You know," he added, after a moment of silence, "I chose to leave Chateau Malreaux. I chose to come back to Coruscant. I was hoping it would feel like home to me-like Vjun did when I first stepped on the planet. But it doesn't." He looked at the planet rapidly swelling in the viewscreen. "It feels as if I've come unstuck. I don't belong on Vjun, I know that: I couldn't go back there now, no matter how much my mother wanted me to. I'm not Viscount Malreaux, I'm me, Whie, Jedi apprentice. But I don't feel like I belong on Coruscant, either. Is that
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