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death spitting from the cannon attachment at the end of Solis's arm. A cabinet exploded in a shower of debris. Ventress was swinging for the girl, but the Force was strong in Scout, too, in this place and hour, and her parry was there before the killing blow could fall. Whie swept out his lightsaber. The room was bedlam and fire, the smell of smoke and hot metal. Another prickle of premonition shivered up Scout's spine and she gasped, seeing Ventress use the subtlest of Force grabs to lift the forgotten neural eraser from Fidelis's metal hand.

"Solis!" Scout screamed, as the trigger punched down. "Behind you!"

Too late. Lines of blue flame streaked along Solis's spine.

"Run!" the droid shouted.

He fired at Ventress with mechanized speed and accuracy, sending a stream of superaccelerated metal through her left leg. The neural-net eraser took hold and he was shooting behind her; and then he was shooting at nothing at all as his limbs jerked and spasmed. Whie, white-faced, watched him start to die.

"Come on!" Scout shouted, grabbing him by the collar. "We've got to get out of here and find Master Yoda!"

She dragged him through the far door, and the two of them raced up into the unfamiliar house. Sirens were going off and bells were ringing. They turned down a corridor at random and Scout sprinted toward an archway that seemed to lead into a large entry hall. She stopped dead as a burst of blasterfire came spitting through the arch.

"All right-next choice," she gasped, and they picked a different door.

Behind them, Asajj Ventress tore a length of cloth from her own shirt and wrapped it around her bleeding leg, growling. The wound wasn't critical, but it hurt, and she meant to make the Padawans pay for it. She pulled the makeshift bandage tight and sprinted

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