Wedge smiled. "I think you'll recall that no one at our first meeting had any good idea about how to go about overthrowing a planetary government. Elscol has had more practice at it than anyone I know. She's never been much of a joiner, so she's been working outside the New Republic."

She shrugged. "Haven't formed an opinion about the New Republic yet, though during Tycho's trial my thoughts were none-too-positive. The Empire, on the other hand, left me without my family, so I'm doing what I can to strip them of theirs."

"Have you had a chance to review the material I sent you?"

Elscol nodded. "If the ratio of loyal humans to Vratix is at all accurate, the actual conquest of the world should be simple. The big problem there is the presence of those Imp ships. Anything we do can be undone by a planetary bombardment. If those ships can be scattered or neutralized preferably bothwe can stage an uprising that should topple Ysanne Isard. I'm confident we can do it, but I'll have a better idea of exactly what we're going to do after I get in there

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