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ship and Wedge saw the bristle of white hair, he recognized him.

"So that's why Corran is looking a bit subdued."

"What?" Tycho frowned at Wedge. "Who's the last guy?"

"Mirax's father."

"Oh. Oh."

Wedge trotted the remaining distance and thrust his hand at Booster Terrik. "It's been far too long, Booster."

The larger man's hand engulfed Wedge's. "You grew up quite a bit during my five years on Kessel. After I got out, well, about that time you were freezing on Hoth, then you were on the go. I assumed I'd run into you sometime, and now seems as good as any."

"Indeed it is." Wedge glanced over at Mirax. "Your daughter's been a lifesaver, you know, and for more than just me."

"So I gather from what I heard during the trip." Booster Terrik threw an arm over Wedge's shoulders, then tightened it against his neck. "I would have hoped, though, you would have found a way to protect her from the likes of Horn there."

Wedge gently dug an elbow in the man's ribs. "First, if you can't control your daughter, how can / be expected to control her? Second, just as I told her, Corran isn't his father. He's one of the best men I know."

"You need to get out more, Wedge." Booster opened his arms and released Wedge. "Interesting place you have here. Not enough to stop a Super Star Destroyer, but you know that. Still, if you have to die in a box in space, this looks as good as any in which to do it."

"Tycho's taking me on a tour. You're welcome to join us."

"I'd be happy to."

Wedge nodded, then looked over at Gavin. "How was Tatooine?"

"Good, sir. We got a fair amount of personal armor and weapons, as well as some TIE parts and assorted other things Mirax thinks we can trade. Uncle Huff said that was all that was left from the Eidolon material."

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