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Han Solo wears them on his trousers because he went to the Imperial Academy and won them through his bravery."

"Oh, and you've not been equally brave?"

"That's open to debate, but the fact is I've never been sufficiently military to earn them." He smiled slowly. "Make everything from the cockpit back black, including the S-foils, and give me a green-and-gold check pattern on the front fuselage."

Tycho's eyes narrowed. "I don't recognize the color scheme."

"No reason you should." Wedge hesitated for a second. "Back when my parents operated a fueling station at Gus Treta, my father was saving up to buy the station and start his own chain. The green, gold, and black were going to be the colors he used for the logo and the uniforms. Your colors tie you back to your home, Corran's do the same thing for him, and I imagine the same is true for everyone else. Mine will tie me to the home I should have had."

"I'll put the order in immediately." Tycho started walking over toward where the Pulsar Skate had come through the hangar's magnetic containment bubble and was setting down. Following it in came a boxy station shuttle, but it landed further back. "Your ship and Gavin's will be the last ones finished."

Wedge glanced at Ooryl's white fighter. "You need to include Ooryl's ship on that list."

"No, it's done."

"But, it's so ... plain."

"Apparently not, if you can see in the ultraviolet range." Tycho shrugged. "Zraii says it's a masterpiece."

"That explains why I'm a warrior, not an artist." Wedge waved as he saw Corran, Mirax, and Gavin walk down the gangway from the Pulsar Skate. Wait a minute, who's that? The fourth individual proved taller than Gavin and much bulkier, yet wasn't slovenly or Huttlike. Then, when his head cleared the interior of the
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