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wondered if he weren't really still trapped in a dream as the turbolift door opened and he stepped into the squadron hangar. A dozen X-wings occupied the deck, and techs swarmed over them. That wasn't what had struck him as unrealistic, however, since the hustle and bustle of a hangar was something he'd witnessed countless times before. He glanced over at Tycho. "What's going on here?" Tycho gave him a grin. "Well, since we're no longer part of the New Republic's Armed Forces, we can't have ships bearing its insignia or colors, can we? Now, Corran's ship has always been green with that black and white trim, like his droid, so I thought we might just go ahead and repaint our X-wings to look like whatever we want them to be."

He pointed very specifically at an X-wing that was bloodred except for where white had been splashed at a diagonal down across the nose and the tips of the S-foils. A broad black stripe parted the white from the red. "That one's mine. I did some checking, and before Alderaan disarmed, that was the color scheme the Alderaan Guard unit near my home used to sport. I've also had Zraii switch my Identify Friend/Foe beacon over to an old Alderaanian code—the one from the

Another Chance, in fact. Individualizing the paint and switching our IFF codes to those of our home planets provides further evidence that we're not a New Republic unit."

Wedge chewed his lower lip for a moment. Makes sense, all of it. And the fighters do look a bit more, ah, ferocious with the new paint jobs. "I like it, Tycho, but I don't know what to do with mine. Corran's got the CorSec green, but he's earned it."

"How about a dark blue, with red stripes up the sides?"

"Corellian Bloodstripes?" Wedge chuckled. "I never was in the Corellian Military, so I never earned Bloodstripes.
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