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recall the meal you tried to make out of tauntaun meat on Hoth and ..."

"I get the hologram, Tycho." Wedge frowned. "Do they know there's danger here?"

"They seem to think that after Zsinj, Isard might be taken as a change for the positive. I've spoken with the key employers here, and they know there could be trouble. They seem to think that with us here it's actually going to be safer because the scum of the galaxy isn't going to be drifting in every time they have liberty."

"True, but their revenues are going to be down, and that could make for trouble."

The turbolift stopped and opened onto the docking facility. Tall transparisteel walls gave Wedge a spectacular view of Yag'Dhul. Though small and dense, the world took on a curious appearance because of the three moons orbiting it and the tidal forces they generated as they orbited in the opposite direction to the planet's rotation. The atmosphere boiled and swirled, with storms sowing lightning through the gray clouds and flashes of red stone visible even from the station.

"Hard to believe life could have arisen in that maelstrom." Wedge folded his arms across his chest and shivered. "No wonder the Givin have an exoskeleton and can exist in a vacuum."

"It's a good thing they can. Our attack here apparently opened some of the station up to the vacuum, so they used Givin to make the repairs. Everything is fine now, though, with one exception: the old Station Master died while on an inspection tour of the repair work."

Wedge frowned, recalling an old Twi'lek with a pockmarked face who had been as oily as Darth Vader had been evil. "His name was Valsil Torr, right?"

"I guess so. Apparently he tried to force a Givin task leader to pay him a bribe. They agreed to discuss it in Torr's office, and there
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