because we don't trust the X-wing anymore.

"Incom turns around and says that it's working on some new designs and would be happy to bring Rogue Squadron's ships up to the state of the art. What they offer are A-wings manufactured by them that have been modified so the laser cannons can swivel and cover the rear arc."

Wedge nodded. "Nice adaptation, but it doesn't explain how we ended up with Emtrey."

"I'm getting there, and you'll appreciate the flight, trust me." Tycho pressed his hands together. "Someone in the militaryprobably General Cracken, but maybe even Admiral Ackbardecided accepting Incom's gift was appropriate, so all the equipment in Rogue Squadron was inspected, listed as missing parts, and surplussed out. Winter found out about it before anyone else, and we scooped up the lot, including Emtrey and our astromech droids."

Wedge blinked. "Surplussed out? Our stuff was sold as surplus?"

"Broken surplus. It was missing parts."

"Such as?"


Wedge frowned. "PL-Is? I've never heard of them."

Tycho shook his head. "That's the designation for pilot."

Wedge immediately began laughing. Someone back on Coruscant favors what we're doing or perhaps just wants to give us the tools to destroy ourselves. I'm trusting it's the former. "Emtrey was just thrown in on the deal?"

"He cost a little bit extra, but I thought he was worth it." Tycho coughed lightly into his hand. "Zraii and his technical staff resigned and followed our ships over. We've got a full squadron, and the parts you brought in should keep them operational for a long time."

"Good. How does the base look?"

"Not bad." Tycho pointed back toward the bedroom.

"I'll give you a half an hour to get cleaned up, then I'll give you a tour of the place. It's not exactly a

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