world by twelve hours.

When he and Ooryl finally did make it to Yag'Dhul, Wedge was four days behind schedule and exhausted. He docked the freighter, then had someone show him to his quarters. 7 thought twelve hours of sleep would be enough, but apparently not, because I'm hallucinating the presence of a droid that should be on Coruscant.

He rubbed his eyes, then opened them again. Emtrey was still there. "What's going on here? Did General Cracken send you to keep an eye on us?"

"Since I do not have eyes per se, sir, I would have to say no." The droid's head canted to the right. "I do not recall any orders being given to me by my former owner."

"Former owner?" Wedge realized he was becoming more awake all the time, but nothing seemed to be getting much clearer to him, and that caused him some concern. Someone has to be having fun with this. "Get Tycho for me."

Tycho cleared his voice and Wedge turned to see him leaning against the doorjamb of the bedroom. "Thought you'd like to wake up to a familiar face, since you're in unfamiliar surroundings."

"Right." Wedge narrowed his eyes. "As I recall, I've not gotten you back for the other trick you pulledthat postmortem message from Corran at Borleias. You better watch your step."

"Or what? You think you can cause me more trouble than a treason trial and a stay in an Imperial prison?" Tycho thrust his chin out defiantly, but softened the gesture with a smile. "You're welcome to try any time you want, Antilles."

Wedge shook his head. "One hopeless battle at a time. Got any caf out there?"

Tycho nodded. "Brewed hot and strong enough to dissolve transparisteel."

"Great." Wedge rolled out of bed and slipped into the thick robe Emtrey held out for him. Knotting the belt around his middle, he followed Tycho

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