They acceptednot only were the accommodations he offered far nicer than those they had booked in Mos Eisley but Gavin's family traveled from their farm to see him. With Booster's presence and the extended Darklighter clan getting together, the visit began to feel like a big family vacation.

Corran enjoyed meeting Gavin's parents. His father, Jula, looked similar to Huff Darklighter in the face, but the lack of a moustache on Jula made telling them apart rather simple. Likewise, the fact that Jula's hard work on a moisture farm had left him harder and more weathered than his prosperous brother helped differentiate them. There definitely seemed to be affection between the brothers, though Huff tended to keep Jula in his place by referring to the cost of this item or that and feigning astonishment when Jula said he didn't own one.

Jula, for his part, showed incredible restraint and even resignation over his brother's lack of manners. Corran shook his head. //1 had a brother and got that treatment from him, my sister-in-law would be a widow. Jula's responses were polite, and in some ways his forbearance seemed to bother Huff more than any direct confrontation would have.

Gavin's mother, Silya, could have been Lanal Dark-lighter's twin. Her concern for Gavin rolled through every question and comment, though she managed to avoid tears all but once or twice. In the way she looked at Gavin, Corran recognized the same expression his mother wore when he graduated from the Corellian Security Force Academy. Pride and feara mother's dreams and her nightmaresfight for supremacy.

The focus of the gathering quickly became Gavin. He thrilled his cousins and younger siblings with stories of what he'd seen and done, though Corran noted that he downplayed nearly getting killed

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