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between Huff Darklighter and her father. "Extortion or deal making, it doesn't make a difference. We're not doing it that way, period. If we take things away without compensation, we're as bad as the Imps. 'If we let ourselves pay inflated prices, we'll be as stupid as the Imps. That isn't what's going to happen. We're going to be fair about this."

She pointed a finger at Huff. "You will get me a complete inventory of the material we're looking at and will let us inspect the merchandise, choosing random bits to examine ourselves. My father will prepare a list of the prices for all these things in the prevailing market. We'll pay something below the going price because everyone knows the father of Biggs Darklighter wouldn't try to make a profit off his son's comrades, but you will be capitalizing assets for which you have little use here on Tatooine. We'll pay half now and half when we take possession of the items."

Huff's jowls quivered as he shook his head. "You'll pay fifteen percent over the current—"

Mirax held a hand up. "Stop. I said we'd be fair, I never said we were negotiating. If you want to negotiate, we'll start from my father's position and work down to the details of your paying the freight to move the goods we're taking off your hands."

Huff Darklighter stared at Mirax, his jaws agape. "Do you know what you're asking?"

Mirax smiled sweetly. "Only what's fair."

Gavin laughed. "Admit it, Uncle Huff, you'll accept her terms, because you're not going to get anything better."

"True, I accept." Huff nodded his head slowly. "Listen to me, young lady. If you ever find yourself in need of a steady job, please come see me. You have talents I could use."

Huff Darklighter invited them to remain as his guests for the duration of their visit to Tatooine.
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