only dealt in collectibles."

"You'd be surprised what prefall Imperial artifacts are going for today."

"Lots of weapons collectors out there?"

Booster shrugged. "You Rebels made going to war against the government so popular that everyone is taking it up these days."

"So you'll supply them?"

Booster smiled. "I'm merely a broker."

Huff rubbed his hands together. "So, we can have an auction here. Opening bids."

Corran shook his head. "No bids. We need what you have. We get it."

Booster blinked his eyes in surprise. "You need? You need? You're not on Corellia, Horn. You have no authority here. Your needs are immaterial."

Mirax twisted out from beneath her father's arm. "It's not Corran who needs this stuff. Wedge needs it."

The elder Darklighter's smile broadened. "Good, get Wedge Antilles here, and then we'll have our auction."

"Wedge, eh?" Booster frowned at Mirax, then glanced over at Huff. "Give it to them."

"Fine, if you don't want in, that's all right by me." Huff's smile shrank as he turned toward Corran. "What I have will cost you two million creditsfour if you expect me to trust the New Republic for it."

Booster reached out and slapped Huff on the shoulder. "I told you to give it to them."

"I am."

"No, you're negotiating when I said you should be giving."

Huff looked confused for a moment, and Corran could sympathize. "You want me to give it to them for free}"

Booster nodded. "If not, I think you'll find that records of certain transactions that could be considered Palpatinistic could come to light."

"That's extortion."

"No, that's deal making. I have something you want my silenceand you have something I wantthe weapons to go to Wedge. We exchange wants and everyone is satisfied."

Mirax interposed herself

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